Use This Simple Trick To Detect Fake Honey

Due to the popularity of honey, people have learned to make honey without bees, and preying on buyers who don’t know how to distinguish the real honey from a fake, which is not only not helpful, but can seriously damage our health.

Let’s learn how to choose real honey and not to buy a fake.

When you buy honey note:


If You want to buy honey cheaper, You can get sugar syrup instead of honey. Good honey can’t be cheap.


Each variety of honey has its natural color. Please note the color in the store.

The smell

If the honey has a nice rich flavor, then it’s real, because fake is almost not noticeable smell.


Real honey will dissolve in the mouth, on the tongue there will be no crystals or powdered sugar.


Natural honey is thin and delicate, easily absorbed into the skin without leaving lumps.

Use This Simple Trick To Detect Fake Honey

It’s time for easy tricks to recognize fake honey
Dip it in the bowl of a toothpick, and if it’s real honey, it must be drawn long thread, and when the thread is interrupted, then it is completely omitted, forming on the surface of honey a small hill.

Put a spoonful of honey into a glass of plain water. It’s imitation, in case it dissolves. Honey that is pure will sink into the base of the glass and won’t dissolve in warm water.

Add a couple drops of iodine and add some honey. It’s been blended with wheat starch in case your honey turns blue and isn’t real honey.