How to choose the meditation practice that fits you best

What kind of meditation should you choose? What will fit you best? It is difficult to navigate the sea of various exercises and techniques, where each of them offers something different from the others. Well, let us make it easy for you. To begin with, you need to understand one thing.

Different meditation techniques, in fact, differ little from each other in terms of the effect and general principle of influence on the body. At least, those of them that are based on focusing on the image, word, breath. It turns out that choosing the most suitable meditation is much easier than you think.

All these different meditation techniques are based on similar principles

Whatever you imagine, a purple flame or a space filled with stars, on whatever you focus your attention on the mantra or on the breath, at the heart of all this lies one common principle. When you pay attention to one thing you stop all that stream of thoughts that is present in your ordinary state and replace it with one single phrase or image.

This exercise helps to relax, bring thoughts into order and relieve the brain of redundant information. You find yourself in a state of mind, when all the muscles of your body are completely relaxed, your mind is directed to one point, it rests, it is not tormented by hundreds of thoughts and does not cover cares. If you do this every day, then after a while you will feel an improvement in your state of health, calmness, awakening of consciousness, which can lead to some revaluation of values.

Is the choice of meditation technique important?

As for the differences in the different types of meditation practice: it is not true that one technique helps to relax, and the second, helps to improve health. Any meditation will help you achieve all this at once, and it does not matter which one you choose.

In short, if we are talking about the choice of a particular technique, we would not say that it should be approached with special care, take what is closer to you. You can even allow a certain space for creativity: you can make up yourself what you will imagine when you meditate, or you can combine several different techniques within the same session!

The main thing is not to miss the general principle: you should relax as much as possible, try not to think about anything, immerse yourself in the silent contemplation of the image in your imagination or words, pray, get rid of worries, memories and plans during the session.

Meditation is not a request addressed to an unknown higher mind, not a magical way to get something, but a method of self-development, an exercise of concentration and relaxation that will surely improve your life, but only when you make an effort for it.