Are You A Banana Lover? Read These 10 Shocking Facts (#6 Is Very Important)

You are a banana lover, aren`t you? Despite the fact what it is extremely popular because of its taste, it has a list of health benefits. Scientists proved that eating banana regularly affects your health greatly.

Banana is a multipurpose cure for such issues as morning sickness, depression, diabetes, blindness, osteoporosis and even kidney cancer. Doctors say that eating banana improves your cognitive abilities and makes your brain work faster, so don`t lose this opportunity to change your body consuming this amazing fruit.

We set a list of all possible benefits you can get from eating it:

1. Increases your calcium level

Bananas don`t contain a great amount of calcium but it helps to reduce its usage.

2. Increases Your Cognitive Abilities

Pottassium is a vital chemical for your brain activity. Eating bananas containing great amount of this chemical guarantees you that your brain will work faster and more effectively.

3. Prevents you from having cancer

Because of how bananas effect your calcium level it also pay an important role in the health of your kidneys. Calcium prevents the developmebt of stones in kidneys and it results in reducing the possibility of having kidney cancer.

4. Reducec the risk of having anemia

This fruit is the natural source of iron so using affects all that is connected with blood. Also it can help you to prevent anemia.

5. Forces Your Digestion Process

Most natural products are famous for containing gerat amount of fiber. Eating banana will help you to boost your digestive process and to solve problems if you have one.

6. Controls sugar in your blood

Blood sugar levels are important not only for people who suffer from diabetics. They also regulate our state of mood, mood swings and emotions.

7. Decreases the risk of heart desease

As we have mentioned earlier, banana is rich in potassium. It results in preventing you from having issues connected with cardio vascular system such as heart attacks or hypertension.

8. Helps you to get rid of depression

Eating bananas results in producing of seratonin, th ehormone of happiness.

9. Decreases Inflammations

Bananas are full of vitamin B6 which helps to fight inlammations.

10. Lifts your energy level

Famous trainers always advice their clients to eat a banana before training to increase their energy level and make training more productive.